1. She had a break from eating my grass to stare at her reflection #moo (at G Unit Crib)

  2. #photobomb #literally

  3. #beachbabe (at Long Beach, Koh Lanta)

  4. It was difficult to find a spot on the beach this morning (at Long Beach, Koh Lanta)

  5. at Long Beach, Koh Lanta

  6. ferry (at Lanta Manda,Koh Lanta,Krabi,Thailand)

  7. #seriousdrivingface (at Koh Lanta)

  8. Pretty amazing show but sadly my camera cut off just as it was getting started. There are 12 men hanging off that pole to support the huge dragon structure, and they fed a tube full of gas from a canister on the ground to the mouth. Mental really. A ton more fireworks followed. After 4 years in Thailand it’s nice to see new things.

  9. Vacation begins with a bang